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BIO Paul Pineda

Paul Pineda

Instrumental in diversity outreach as

board member of Scoutreach

Paul Pineda is instrumental in diversity outreach for the Chief Seattle Council serving on the Scoutreach Foundation Board.  His focus on the Hispanic Outreach Committee has been particularly timely as the Hispanic/Latino population has experienced double digit percentage growth this past decade.  Pineda’s most noticable impact has been recruiting community partners to develop the Soccer & Scouting program.

“We are seeing significant growth in participation in Scouting through the Soccer & Scouting program,” says Pineda. The Soccer & Scouting program in Scoutreach specifically targets Hispanic/Latino youth, but 20% of the participants have recently emigrated from other countries such as Eritrea, Somalia, Vietnam and Ukraine.

“Many of these families are recent immigrants and have not been exposed to Scouting,” says Pineda. “Due to their unfamiliarity, they are less apt to join in the character building experiences that Scouting provides, but with the Soccer & Scouting program we attract families by combining sports with Scouting.”

Participants play soccer twice a week, which includes a practice and game, and participate in a Scouting meeting.

Pineda is very involved in community improvement on many fronts. He has worked with several other non-profits, most recently as a board member of Youth Eastside Services, and as the volunteer treasurer of  Raising funds for Scoutreach remains a passionate focus for Pineda while serving on the Scoutreach Luncheon & Golf Social Committee. “When Bill Gates was recently awarded the Silver Beaver award, Scoutreach got a boost from the fundraiser, but we still need more private funding to keep up with growth in demand for the program,” says Pineda.

Pineda grew up in El Paso, Texas, where he was fortunate enough to participate in Scouting with Troop 165.  He became an Eagle Scout in 1975, and later that year earned his God and Country Award.  He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983, with degrees in Engineering and Philosophy.


Pineda works as a financial advisor, with Ameriprise Financial. His work is focused on his clients, whose needs are primarily in wealth management and investment planning.  He has been a private investor for 25 years.  Pineda and his wife Jody have made a home in Bellevue for more than two decades and have contributed to the greater community in many different ways.  They have two children: Paloma and Nick.


The Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America serves over 32,000 young people with more than 10,000 volunteer leaders in five counties around the Puget Sound area: King, Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, and Kitsap. Scouting’s mission is to challenge and strengthen boys and girls in all areas of their lives: physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and vocational.


A Fresh Focus on Diversity Outreach

Paul Pineda Bio

Press Conference

Left to right: Paul Pineda, Sharon Moulds, Charlotte Heesacker and Wayne Perry